Hello World

Hello World! Welcome to my very first post. And I have no idea what to write about. Perhaps an introduction would be fine as the first post, and then we will see where it goes.

Alright. Let’s go.

My name is Matheus 🇧🇷, and I’ve been a software engineer for over ten years now.

I started programming in PHP when I was around 17. At that time, I worked at a company building semi-dynamic websites and full-blown web applications. Later, I was introduced to a web framework called Django, written in Python. I didn’t know anything about Python, but my boss wanted us to build websites faster, so I had to learn it on the go.

However, thanks to Python, I had opportunities to build software for different industries varying from websites for local radio stations in my hometown to software to help doctors manage their patients’ records to launching new products for the biggest telecom companies in Brazil. And the craziest one: move abroad 🇮🇪 and build systems to help take care of cows on huge farms. I also met many fantastic people, attending conferences, local events, meetups, etc.

Getting out of your comfort zone is never an easy thing to do. Too many things can go wrong, but too many things can also go right. You never know until you try.

This blog is something I have always wanted to do but never gave a proper thought, so let’s see where it will take me. :-)

Here’s to trying! 🍾